Breaking Electricity Contract Without Termination Fees

In the current economic climate, running a business in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney is a tough challenge with so many uncertainties around future commodity price, higher employment rates and slowdown in retail business etc so naturally there are a lot of businesses that feel anxious signing a long term contract with an electricity provider here in Perth or other capital cities such as Melbourne or Sydney.

If you are unsure about the future of your business, but still wish to enjoy savings on your energy cost (without breaking the contractual agreement with an electricity supplier) give us a call and we can help you negotiate a short term, 12 month contract and find an electricity retailer that will not penalize you for breaking the contract if it is necessary.

If you are thinking of moving sites within 6 months or selling your business and do not want the commitment of a long terms electricity contract, we are here to find an  electricity provider  in Perth that is more than happy to supply your load, with no strings attached.


For a confidential discussion on how we can help your business, please speak to our friendly consultants on 08 6460 1613


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