Cheaper Electricity Contract From Perth Based Energy Broker

At Carbon Energy we work hard to secure better rates for our customers. Our monthly contract volume is reasonably high and we deliver regular  business to our panel of electricity suppliers.

We have a very good relationship with the majority of these Perth based electricity companies and they value the relationship as well as the amount of business that we deliver on a regular basis.

We also understand the market and the regulations very well. We know how to navigate the tender supply chain process in order to secure a much more competitive rates and conditions.

Historically speaking when we step in into the negotiation process, we are able to get an additional reduction. This cost savings benefits your business and the best part of our approach is it that it doesn’t cost you indirectly.

Carbon Energy works just like a finance broker, we  get remunerated by the winning supplier for brokering an energy tender.

We are very confident with our energy tender result but we won’t hesitate to be fair and encourage our customers to shop around first before you take on our service as your energy consultant.


For an obligation free consultation on how you can manage your business electricity and gas contract better,  give us a call at our  Perth office on 08 6460 1613


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