Contract Dispute With Electricity Provider in Perth WA

When you have dispute with your energy retailer obviously the best thing to do is discuss the issue with a cool head and try to find a win-win solution.

The majority of energy suppliers here in Perth are customer focused and fairly reasonable with their approach to their valued customer. So Generally speaking, they will do the right thing to keep you happy and this is obviously within reason.

If you are not satisfied with the solutions provided by them, your last resort is the energy ombudsman. Depending on the nature of your complaint, there are things that they can and cannot investigate for you.

Some of the things that they are able to investigate if you have dispute with your energy provider are the following:

  • Provision or supply of electricity, gas or water;
  • Billing;
  • The administration of credit and payment services;
  • Alleged or disputed debts and the recovery of debts;
  • Disconnection and restriction of supply and refundable advances;
  • Service standard payments;
  • Marketing of services;
  • The exercise of powers in relation to land, neighbouring land or property;
  • Damage or loss due to supply issues; and
  • Complaints by a person other than a customer who is affected by a water service.


The energy ombudsman in Perth WA are unable to investigate the following issue:

  • The setting of prices or tariffs or determining price structures;
  • Commercial activities that are outside the scope of the electricity, gas or water service licence;
  • The content of Government policies;
  • Complaints under consideration by, or previously considered by any court or tribunal; or that the Ombudsman considers should be dealt with by a court or tribunal;
  • Any matter specifically required by legislation, codes licences and orders to be handled by another authority; and
  • Issues to do with bottled gas.
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