How to reduce your business carbon footprint


In order to reduce your Business Carbon Footprint it is important to understand what a Carbon Footprint is.

Carbon Footprint is defined as the total greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds) caused by an individual, event, organization and product directly or indirectly to support human habit.

There are many things, we as individuals and a business can do to reduce our effect on the environment.

  • Travel

Air travel is the biggest contributing factor to greenhouse gas emissions. Although some air travel cannot be avoided, at times you can chose to reduce your air travel by taking a bus, train or boat.

  • Lifestyle

What we eat also contributes to the emissions of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds, such as Methane, a powerful global warming gas. This is emitted by cows and sheep and this is one of the main reasons many people are becoming vegans. How our food is transported also plays a big role. For example fruits that are transported via air versus fruits that are locally grown.

  • Energy Consumption

How we use our energy and how energy efficient we are in our businesses and homes can reduce our carbon footprints. A poorly insulated home or business will require large quantities of energy to heat or cool. Maintaining your appliances and electrical equipment will help to make your energy usage efficient and lower your carbon footprint dramatically in your home and business. Installing renewable energy solutions such as solar panels will reduce your energy usage considerably and still allow you to function as per normal.  Ensure that you are buying your energy from suppliers in your city such as Perth that sells renewable power. This will help them to grow their business in order to be able to provide cost effective pricing.

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