Tips How to Choose Energy Broker Perth Melbourne Sydney

10 Tips on how to choose an energy broker in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney

At Carbon Energy Expert we are all about reducing  energy costs, improve your energy efficiency, and significantly increasing the quality of service you receive from your energy retailer – so it’s important to find the electricity or gas company in Perth that can provide value for money.

Here are Carbon Energy Experts  top 10 tips for finding a business energy broker in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne :

  1. Check who are their suppliers.
    Check out how many energy suppliers they are connected to and what commission they get from these companies. This will assist  you to know whether your broker is trying to influence you to select a particular electricity or gas retailer, as the energy retailer may be willing to pay the energy broker extra to do so.
  2. Ask question about their understanding of the energy market in WA, NSW or VIC.
    A good energy broker will be able to answer any questions concerning the energy suppliers they do business with. They should be able to give you options on how different suppliers will suit your business requirements.
  3. Get them to  review your current supplier and what you are being charged. 
    We will run a need analysis in order  to get a better understanding of your energy requirements and costs. Our main task is to provide you with a recommendation based on the different supply options available.
  4. Find out the estimated cost savings to your business
    At Carbon Energy, we will be able to negotiate a cheaper electricity contract with very minimum risks to your business. We also can identify ways on how to improve your business energy efficiency.
  5. Understand their recommendations
    A good broker will provide a complete analysis and Information that you can fully understand. Information that is honest, transparent and accountable. Their recommendation should be in plain english and simple.
  6. Customer Care program
    Here at Carbon Energy we will monitor your situation even after you’ve signed up with your prefered energy supplier. Upon acceptance of  the new  energy contract we will ensure you get billed correctly and you have access to your own dedicated Account Manager. We will work closely with you and the supplier for any day to day enquiries.
  7. Transparent Tendering Process 
    Carbon Energy is very  transparent about our energy tender methods and processes. You can find out more about how we operate our electricity and gas tender contract by looking at  testimonials and the volume of customers we have handled..
  8. Seek for References
    Speak to someone who has utilised their service before, talk to them about their experience or ask the broker if there are other businesses in the same industry that they have dealt with and what kind of outcome they were able to achieve for them in the past.
  9. Energy Brokerage Fees for doing tender in Australian cities – Perth, Melbourne or Sydney
    Energy brokers earn commission from energy suppliers, therefore if they are also charging you a fee on top of this they are double dipping and taking advantage of the customer.
  10. Understand the value of using an energy broker 
    At Carbon Energy we are all about professionalism, convenience, and making this process simple and easy.  Our energy tender process for gas and electricity has been  proven to drive our customer energy cost down and our customers enjoy significantly better Terms and Conditions

Here at Carbon Energy Expert we are the fastest growing energy broker in Perth. With monthly tender worth approximately $5 million and hundreds of happy customers. We have strong relationships with more than 10 electricity retailers in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.  The retailers respect what we do and the value that we bring to their business.


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