Tips to Negotiate Commercial Gas Contracts Perth

Tips to Negotiate a Commercial Gas Contract with Gas Suppliers Perth:

Business Commercial Gas contracts  are  a little more complicated than the Business Commercial Electricity contract.

tips to negotiate commercial gas contracts perth

It is very helpful to have someone that fully understands the ways in which all of the Gas Suppliers in Perth Western Australia quote, as some quote in KwH some in G.j The conversion is easy enough but to be sure get someone that knows.

When you negotiate  for a business Gas Quote these are the things to look for :

  1. Make sure that you understand that you are only getting quoted the actual gas price.
  2. You will have to then add in the other elements such as

Network Cost : this is for the Gas Network Supplier to bring the gas to you,  Admin Fee, Daily Supply Charge, CPI, Minimum Take and Maximum take

All of these gas components  can get confusing. If you engage our consultancy service at no cost to you, we will break it all down in terms that are easy to understand.

Carbon Energy can source a Perth based gas supplier that is right for your business and will not overcharge or make this process complicated for you.

Carbon Energy is here for you every step of the way and once you have signed your contract and we have had it countersigned and back to you, your First Bill is then checked by us to make sure the Start Date is correct and that all the new costing is correct for you. All this is sent to you and we will advise if there is a problem and go direct to the supplier on your behalf to get it all fixed.

Then 1 year after you have been on your New Contract we will perform an ESR (Energy Savings Report) and this is where we do another analysis to see that the rates you are on are still competitive for you.This is then sent to you so that you understand we are looking after you.

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