Breaking Electricity Contract Without Termination Fees

In the current economic climate, running a business in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney is a tough challenge with so many uncertainties around future commodity prices, higher unemployment rates and slowdown in retail business etc so naturally there are a lot of businesses that feel anxious signing a long term contract with an electricity provider here … Read more

Cheap Fixed Price Electricity Contract in Perth

Ideally when you sign a contract you expect that your contract price will remain fixed for the duration of the contract. For example for a mobile phone contract, you pay a set price and it will remain the same for the duration of the contract. The Energy industry is a highly regulated industry. There are … Read more

Why My Business’s Electricity Rates so High?

How to Compare Electricity Rates from Perth Electricity Providers - 1

HOW TO COMPARE ELECTRICITY PRICES FROM ELECTRICITY PROVIDERS IN PERTH Have you ever wondered whether you are paying too much for your electricity? Have you tried to compare electricity rates offered by various electricity retailers in Perth? With the ever-increasing electricity rates, the amount being charged for electricity accounts in Perth WA, have become a … Read more

Bundled & Unbundled Electricity Contract Options from Electricity Provider Perth


ELECTRICITY CONTRACT OPTIONS FROM PERTH ENERGY PROVIDERS:BUNDLED & UNBUNDLED ELECTRICITY CONTRACTS FOR YOUR WA BUSINESS For Businesses in Western Australia, having the appropriate electricity contract may save them from a significant amount of extra costs on their energy bills. This is especially true for businesses with big machinery or continuous needs of either electricity and … Read more