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Solar Project Case Study – Dragox Pty Ltd t/a DYNA Engineering

Carbon Energy is a Perth based energy specialist; removing the hassle of dealing with various energy providers by completing all the comprehensive calculations on our clients’ behalf to ensure the most cost-effective arrangements to optimise the savings from their solar installation. We are partnered with a CEC accredited solar installer team, leaving nothing for our clients’ to worry about throughout the process. We provide top-notch solutions with exceptional service throughout the process, that is our promise to all of our clients.

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Dragox Pty Ltd or more generally known as DYNA Engineering was established in 1986, starting as a tools and die manufacturer providing engineering solutions across many industries. With more than 35 years of history, DYNA Engineering are the trusted specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of conveyor equipment. Their service also provides other related services, including conveyor audits and maintenance.

Dragox Pty Ltd’s T/A DYNA Engineering – New Solar Installation Through Carbon Energy’s Solar Project Management Service

Challenge Faced by Dragox Pty Ltd t/a Dyna Engineering.

Energy cost is one of DYNA Engineering’s main operational expenses and it’s critical to keep it at reasonable cost.

We were engaged by DYNA to manage their energy requirements and to lower their expenses.

DYNA chose us due to the long-established professional engagement between Carbon Energy and DYNA. The challenge was to come up with a suitable solar installation to accommodate DYNA overall energy requirements.

The work: What We Do

To get a full understanding of how the business operated and the costs involved, we analysed DYNA’s energy consumption data for the last 12 months. With the information gathered from the analysis, we can formulate the best strategies on how to accommodate their energy consumption through solar system installation.

Upon completion of the analysis stage, our solar installer team started working on a system draft. They chose the most suitable equipment and specifications to accommodate their energy requirements, all this while keeping in mind the system values and costs.

We analysed all the system drafts and ran a financial modeling and energy generation simulation. Installation costs and other factors were taken into account with this analysis. All the factors were carefully examined, and all information was reconfirmed with all our CEC accredited Solar Installation Team.

We provided DYNA with a carefully tailored, simplified Solar Installation Proposal. The report was easy to read and understand with the inclusion of specification graphs, costs, and financial risk information.

We then presented our Information and proposals to DYNA, allowing them to really dive into the many factors to be considered. Once DYNA had given the confirmation that they were going ahead with the installation, our team proceeded with both the administrative and installation process. We strive to always give an honest, trustworthy and transparent service. Keeping DYNA informed and in the loop in every step of our tender process.

The Outcome: Results

Dragox Pty Ltd t/a DYNA Engineering is looking for the best solution to their increasing operational costs, they chose to make the transition to solar energy to find the most cost-efficient savings.

As our company promised, we made the installation process as convenient and painless for DYNA, the solar proposal is easy to understand, and it helped DYNA to make an informed decision.

We managed to secure significant savings for DYNA, with an estimation of over $7,807.52 per annum. DYNA has successfully secured a long term solution to their ever-increasing energy costs, allowing them to focus on growing and running their business.

“Carbon Energy offered a professional and tailored service to our needs as a business. With their informed reporting and expertise, they selected the most cost-effective solution which had the optimal generation, utilization and saving overall, unlike other competitors who were simply selling off the shelf systems which would not have been as suitable for our business. We thank Carbon Energy for their help continuing our green initiatives.”
Graeme Greaves
General Manager


Dragox Pty Ltd t/a DYNA Engineering needed to tackle their electricity price sustainably, and Carbon Energy helped them to do more than just reduce their electricity bills. We are thrilled and proud to assist an experienced and proficient company like Dragox Pty Ltd t/a DYNA Engineering and we would like to thank them for their trust in Carbon Energy.

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