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How Engaging on Dual Fuel Energy Contracts Will benefit Your Business

Carbon Energy is a Perth based Energy Specialist; we remove the hassle from dealing with numerous energy providers by completing all the comprehensive evaluation, and calculation on our clients’ behalf to ensure they maximize savings on their energy bills. We work with all electricity and gas providers in Perth. We provide high standard solutions with exceptional service throughout the process, that is our promise to all of our clients.

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Elite Linen is a family-owned and controlled business that has been operating since 2011. The company is an extensive Commercial Laundry that deals mainly with Hospitality businesses such as Hotels, Clubs and restaurants, along with broader concerns such as the mining industry. Elite Linen is now growing their business into supplying premium quality linen. The company now has over 125 staff based in Perth. Elite Linen is now known as one of the biggest and trusted linen suppliers to many of Perth’s most prestigious venues. Elite linen is one of the biggest gas users in the commercial laundry industry in WA.

Challenge Faced by Elite Linen Pty Ltd.

Elite Linen is going along with the business growth, the utilities also grow with steadily increasing power charges. Knowing a company can choose their preferred electricity and gas suppliers in WA, Elite Linen engaged Carbon Energy to help them reduce their electricity and gas cost.

As a laundry company, Elite Linen consumes quite an immense amount of power. From general electricity used in the company’s office to gas power machinery during the laundry process, this will increase more and more as the business grows. So, to achieve a significant cost reduction, Carbon Energy is required to access the specific and best solutions.

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What We Do and What We Achieved:

Elite Linen is one of our many happy clients. There is no other reason for them to choose and keep coming back to us except that we stand behind all that we do and our team is thorough, consistent and caring of the needs of our customers. We are happy to assist them time and time again.


The first time we initially started dealing with Paul; the owner of Elite Linen (known as Sun Laundry then) was in 2015. Carbon Energy assisted him in reducing their power bills, we did the tender for both Gas & Electricity and we succeeded in saving over 13% on Gas and over 33% on the Electricity.


In 2018, we did a very challenging tender for Elite Linen and this was challenging for the simple reason that they were moving. Although this move was only to a site next door, the site had no gas connection, while Elite Linen relies on Gas for the massive machines they use for washing and drying.

For that reason, we liaised with ATCO (the gas network provided in WA) and helped with many aspects of the Gas connection. We also helped with the procurement of New Meter from overseas, as well as arranging timeframes. On top of all that, we were also liaising with the Energy Supplier to manage two contracts for both Gas and Electricity for both sites, as they were working from the old site but needed Gas & Electricity at the new site to have everything up and running.

This process dragged on and on, and it was not our fault and definitely not Elite Linens fault but there were delays all around. There were daily emails back and forth between ATCO, Elite Linen, the new Energy Supplier and Carbon Energy. The New large gas meter had to be bought over from two different European countries in two pieces and put together here as it was relatively large and there were many dates given and dates broken by the Network Gas supplier. During this time, we made sure that the contracts covered Elite Linen for the time spent waiting, so they were not on out of contract rates.

All of the processes eventually came together, and after Paul, the owner of Elite Linen, had spent lots of time and money to get the new machinery and the floor rebuilt in the new premises. It was time to move from one address to the new address next door.

A simple move? Not at all, there were cranes to move machinery onto large trucks and all to go one building away. We manage to assist them every step of the way. The final faze was contracts signed and business up and running smoothly.


In 2020, Carbon Energy stepped in to help Elite Linen to address issues caused by COVID-19, following the regulation placed on the Hospitality Industry, Elite Linen needed to accept a reduction in the business. This did not stop them from fighting back and getting new contracts in place with the Mining Industry.

The first thing we did was to make sure Elite Linen was not going to get hit with Minimum Take due to the business not operating at full capacity. Paul went to work on getting new tenders in the mining industry and this time around all fell into place without a hitch.

We successfully obtained considerably lower than we reasonably expected. All terms and conditions were just what we aimed for, that suits Elite Linen’s needs perfectly.

Contracts were promptly signed and executed, and Elite Linen is in a very good place to secure savings for the next two years. Carbon Energy will liaise with Elite Linen over the next two years to ensure there are no hiccups and that all that was promised is fulfilled.

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In todays market every cent counts. As the Managing Director of Elite Linen I need an energy company that can achieve the best possible outcome in terms of energy requirements. The process can be complicated and its very easy to get caught out with clauses in contracts. Lesley and the team at Carbon Energy take the stress out of energy contracts. Carbon Energy took the time to understand our business and its energy needs and were able to achieve an excellent result for Elite Linen. I would recommend Lesley and the guys at Carbon Energy and Elite Linen will be working with Carbon Energy next time we need to tender our energy requirements.Thanks again guys.
Paul Miles
Managing Director


Carbon Energy is proud to assist Elite Linen with cost-saving solutions and witnessing their company growth exponentially over the years. We want to take this opportunity to thank Paul for his time and patience, and we hope that we can continue to do his tenders over the next few years and our relationship with Elite Linen stays strong. Please speak to one of our energy specialists if you wish to take advantage of our free energy audit cost (valued at $2000) on 08 6460 1613.

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