Tips to Choose Gas Provider in Perth

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TIPS For Choosing A Gas Supplier In Perth

Perth Western Australian residents now have more options and freedom to choose their gas supplier. Ever since the WA gas market became fully contestable in 2004, many gas suppliers in Perth have competed to provide the best services and offers for potential customers. This article will help you to understand more about the Perth WA Gas Market before you decide on your gas supplier. By understanding the necessary factors, we hope you will be able to choose a gas supplier that will benefit you.

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The Gas Market – Perth, Western Australia

The WA Government classified the gas market into two categories, large use customer and small use customer. This classification is based on the number of gigajoules used per annum. This means that even small businesses and your everyday mum and dad will be able to choose their gas supplier.

The gas market itself is not strictly limited to big businesses or enterprise customers; it is also available to small businesses and residential customers.

The gas is a little more complicated than Electricity; this is simply due to there not being as many Gas suppliers as there are Electricity suppliers. This is the case for most States in Australia such as Western Australia, New South Wales, & Victoria.

Gas is complicated, as it involves a few more components, and to the average layperson, it can be very confusing. Moreover, each gas supplier may have varying requirements to ensure eligibility of its customers. As for the biggest and most used gas suppliers for the WA gas market, these are just a few:

  • Synergy 
  • Alinta Energy 
  • Perth Energy 
  • Amanda Energy
  • Kleenheat, to name a few.

Gas Supplier Perth WA

Gas Supplier Selection The-Need-to-Know Factors

It is vital to have someone that fully understands the ways all of the gas suppliers work, especially during the process of securing better pricing. The gas suppliers pricing and billing of its customers, how they offer their services, as well as the highlighted risk that may seem unforeseen are all factors to take into account. The necessary factors are as follows:

1. Pricing and Billing Structure of The Gas Supplier

Generally, gas suppliers in WA charge their customers in two forms of measurement, GigaJoule (Gj) and kWh or Units. Each supplier has their rates or tariffs that are used to charge their customers based on gas consumption. Aside from the consumption rate, gas suppliers may also charge their customers with:

  • Supply charge, this is a fixed, unavoidable fee that covers the cost of supplying gas to your property charged daily.
  • Admin account fee is a fixed administrative expense for your billing account and is charged only once a month.
  • Meter charge, it is a maintenance charge that is billed in case your gas meter needs to be maintained or replaced.

Not all these charges are passed on to the customer some suppliers do not
charge any of these and some charge all.

2. General Term & Conditions

Most of the Perth based gas suppliers will require their customers to be tied into a contract. There are some clauses that may be too technical or complicated to understand for the average layperson. The contents of these contracts vary from one gas supplier to another. However, it generally concerns the gas consumption rates, the cost expense of the gas supply line maintenance, etc. It is crucial to fully understand the content of the contract to minimise future risk or possible hassle down the line. It is essential to prepare for pass-through exposure, such as the increase in network tariff costs, increase in customer-specific demand charges and standing charges.

Gas Supplier WA

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