Solar Project Case Study – Dragox Pty Ltd t/a DYNA Engineering

Solar Project Case Study - Dragox Pty Ltd ta DYNA Engineering

Dragox Pty Ltd’s T/A DYNA Engineering – New Solar Installation Through Carbon Energy’s Solar Project Management Service Challenge Faced by Dragox Pty Ltd t/a Dyna Engineering. Energy cost is one of DYNA Engineering’s main operational expenses and it’s critical to keep it at reasonable cost. We were engaged by DYNA to manage their energy requirements … Read more

The Advantages of Energy Tender for Your Business

The Advantages of Energy Tender for Your Business

Procurement Process for Your Business Energy Needs Have you tried to do an energy tender for your gas and electricity renewal contracts? If you haven’t, you are missing out! Many Western Australian business owners might not be familiar with the term energy tender yet, especially if you are on a tariff. However, for businesses who … Read more

Carbon Energy Assist The Griffin Coal Mining to Reduce their Electricity Bills

Griffin Coal Mining - Energy Broker in Perth

Challenge Faced by Griffin Coal Mining Pty Ltd. The Griffin Coal Mining Company Pty Limited (or GMC) is a notable employer in Collie, employing over 500 people. Considering that the mining industry consumes a massive amount of electricity and that electricity charges are always increasing, Griffin Coal Mining Company Pty Limited was suffering from rising … Read more

Carbon Energy Assist Canon Food Service in Their Energy Contract Arrangements


Challenges Faced by Canon Food Service Pty Ltd Canon Food Service Pty Ltd. consumes an enormous amount of gas and electricity that translates to high energy costs. Being a proud Australian owned company that supplies affordable, high-quality products, it is paramount to the business to keep all the production costs within their budget. With their … Read more

Breaking Down Your Gas Bill Costs

Breaking Down Your Gas Bills Costs - Carbon Energy

What Makes Up The Gas Bills For Your Business If you are wondering why your gas bills are going through the roof , you are not alone. Across Western Australia, many consumers both for residential and commercial complain about the steady increase in gas prices. This situation has added another layer of frustration in the … Read more

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A Guide to Find The Best Energy Supplier in Perth WA

A Guide to Find The Best Energy Supplier in Perth WA

Choosing the Best Electricity Supplier for Your Businesses Have you ever considered switching your business electricity supplier? Today we take a closer look at how the energy market works in Western Australia; this will help you find the most suitable electricity supplier for your business. Western Australia has more than five electricity suppliers; this opens … Read more

What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy? Solar Energy and Solar Power Solar power comes from solar energy conversion through the solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) cells from the sun. The solar panels harvest through a device called an inverter, which converts the sunlight into usable electricity. The electricity can then be either consumed for your needs, stored … Read more