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Which Energy Provider is the Best for Your WA Business?

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Energy provider Comparison for WA Commercial Consumers

Who is the Cheapest Electricity Provider in Perth?

How many electricity providers have you had the experience of engaging with in the past? Most people will immediately think of Synergy or Perth Energy or Alinta Energy. However is that all there is?

Do you know how many Electricity providers there are in Western Australia? Aside from Synergy, there are more than five energy providers in WA for you to choose from. The Question is, who is the cheapest electricity provider in Perth?. 

For the Residential market the cheapest electricity provider is obviously Synergy being the only electricity provider in the market.

However, for businesses finding the cheapest electricity provider in Perth is not an easy task, especially with each electricity provider competing to win more customers and dominate the WA energy market.

How familiar are you with these energy providers? While the residential customers are only allowed to pick Synergy as their electricity provider, the commercial customers get to choose their own preferred provider if they are a contestable site.

Do you know which one of these electricity providers is most suitable for you? You are missing a money saving opportunity if you haven’t tried the different providers for your energy needs.

If you are considering switching your current provider, be relieved to know that you have many opportunities and plans that are on offer by various energy providers in Perth WA.

In this article, we will try to present our tips and strategies in comparing and choosing electricity providers for your business. Take a look at the strategy you can implement to compare these providers!

Electricity Provider is best for your business

Which Electricity Provider is best for your business?

In order to find the best Electricity provider for your business, you need to assess the services they offer. Always take the time to learn about how these energy providers conduct their business, you may find out about their performance from various online sources (Google Review, Facebook Review, etc) or by asking feedback in online forums or communities.

If you are using an energy broker service for your energy procurement, you also can have them run a thorough audit on your current electricity provider against other energy providers to see how they perform. This will help you to find the best electricity provider for your business

We have listed the three key qualities the best electricity provider MUST HAVE. While it sounds complicated, these qualities will assure your energy requirements will be met:

What should I look for in an energy provider?

Your business deserves the best service the providers can offer, no shortcuts or compromises allowed. However, many times you can get overwhelmed or confused by the different options available by the providers for your energy needs. Choose only the best energy provider that meets your needs, take a look at these qualities you should look for from the energy providers;

  • Complete All Rounder

It is important to make sure that the energy provider is able to facilitate and accommodate your business energy needs. Choose the provider which can supply anything! Remember, the best provider is the one who is capable of providing what you need! Great customer service, competitive prices and flexible contract terms and conditions. You name it and they should have it.

  • Service Area Coverage

Always find out in advance if these energy providers can deliver a stable and reliable supply of energy to your location. Take extra precautions especially since the WA energy market is managed independently by the state and well located outside the Australian National Energy Market (NEM).

  • Dual Fuel Service Package

Don’t you find that sometimes the rates you are charged for your electricity and gas are not quite balanced? Do you perhaps use different energy providers for your electricity and gas?. If that is the case, you might need to consider the opportunity of going Dual Fuel, it means you will only have to choose one energy provider for both your electricity and gas needs.

The energy providers will more than likely offer you lower rates for dual fuel packages, you will be able to reduce more energy costs.

Choosing the best electricity provider for your business is not a simple task, you need to understand the service and products they offer, to find the best one for you. You also need  to have updated information about the energy industry and government regulations.

Take a look at our tips to negotiate your energy contract to help you gain an advantage over your energy consumption costs.

How to Compare Electricity Providers

How to Compare  Electricity Providers?

Are you sure you have the best electricity provider at your disposal?. Don’t be too quick to assume you have found the electricity provider that offers the best arrangement for your energy consumption.

We encourage you to pay closer attention to how these energy providers operate. Take a look at the terms and conditions included in the energy contract. The following are key points you must understand if you are doing a comparison analysis.

  • Pricing Options

Be mindful in choosing the suitable energy pricing options for your business. Generally you will have the bundled or unbundled options. The two options differ in the coverage of their pricing; bundled contracts offer thorough rates that although seem more expensive remember that it covers all the costs and fees that are involved.

The unbundled contract seems cheaper but does not cover all the fees involved, and this may pose a serious risk to your business. The difference between the two includes the price quoting, the charges and fees splits, as well as the volume limitations to your energy consumptions.

  • Variable Rates

Always take extra precautions choosing your energy contract. Especially if it is related to the rates of your energy consumption, make sure the prices you are quoted are clear and all the passed through elements are identified.

  • Renewable Energy Policy

Find out the providers’ policy towards renewable energy. Choose the provider that offers the best arrangements for solar energy inclusion. Most energy providers do not take too kindly when you decide to have solar installed. This is because it will affect your energy consumption volume and reduce the amount of energy the providers can sell to you.

  • Upkeep/Network costs

The Western Australian network allows energy to be transmitted from the generation plant/station via power lines  through poles or pipes. The energy is delivered to your location thanks to these so called networks (or grids), it is important to properly maintain the network to ensure a stable supply of energy.

The cost of the networks’ upkeep is called the network tariff, the regulated charge invoiced to you to cover the maintenance costs of building, maintaining and operating of the grid. The charge is calculated based on your consumption and distance and will either be part of the peak and off-peak rates (for bundled contracts) and as a separate charge (for unbundled).

  • Payment Terms

Time is the most valuable currency. With sufficient and flexible time, you can come up with many different strategies to run your business and manage your costs.

Choose the energy provider that offers you more diverse and flexible time arrangements;

    • Contract Periods

In many situations, the supplier should be able to accommodate your energy needs in any format available. Be it a short term contract or long term contract, find the supplier that will be able to make your plans a reality.

    • Payment Periods

Take your time finalising your finances, making sure there is no error or missed calculations. For that it would be great to have an energy supplier that can help you with arranging a suitable timetable. Meaning you will be  able to choose a more flexible term for your bill payments.

Those are the most important factors to take into account when measuring your electricity providers. Now, are you sure you have chosen the best electricity provider for your business? Maybe you should consider switching your electricity provider!.

Learn more about the issues associated with energy procurement to help you gain the most from your energy providers.

Which Energy Provider is Best for Business?

Choosing the best energy provider for your business is a tough task, however if you take a look at the key-points we have explained then you are in the right direction. You will be able to discern the difference between each energy provider and you can come up with a better strategy  to find the best energy provider for your business.

To help you understand more about how the different energy providers in WA operate and how the customers perceive their services, we present you with a review of various WA energy providers.

Take a look at our honest review of various energy providers in WA, since we have served  hundreds of customers over the years we compiled the feedbacks and recommendations;

  • Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy is one of the major suppliers in WA for both gas and electricity, they are especially competitive when it comes to dual fuel energy arrangements. Their service is convenient for people who don’t want to deal with two different providers for their energy requirements.

  • Amanda Energy

As an alternative energy provider in WA, not many people are familiar with Amanda Energy yet. However, Amanda Energy offers relatively low rates for commercial customers with fair and flexible contracts. They offer superb customer service which complements their already competitive energy pricing.

  • Change Energy

Change Energy takes a straightforward approach to provide affordable energy rates for WA businesses. Their flat rates offer balanced consumption costs that will help you control your energy costs efficiently. Their customer service is always ready to support in case any unexpected problems arise.

  • Delorean Energy

Formerly known as CleanTech, they set their vision for the transition to a lower emission economy and have built a strong platform for growth across all Australian energy markets. Advocating clean and eco-friendly supply of energy, they offer great energy contract options for WA consumers.

  • Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy stands out from the competition for both electricity and solar service. They provide outstanding performance in their energy supply for large businesses and enterprises. Infinite Energy also plays significant roles in empowering the Renewable Energy transition; actively participating in solar installation business all across Australia.

  • Perth Energy – AGL

One of the easily recognised energy providers for Western Australians. Perth Energy provides both gas and electricity to WA commercial customers. They offer quick and responsive customer service complemented by affordable rates and various special deals. One local brand you can always rely on!

  • Synergy

The one and only state-owned energy provider, Synergy has dominated the residential and commercial market with their complete packages. Their solar service has also proved to be quite desirable. Majority of WA customers are without doubt, choosing Synergy as the most reliable provider.

  • Shell Energy

Shell is a well-known brand in Australia, they are one of the viable energy providers for the biggest enterprises all across Australia. They are capable of charting any of your business energy needs. With competitive pricing and helpful customer service, they are a complete package you can trust to handle your energy needs.

Is Switching Energy Providers Worth it

Is Switching Energy Providers Worth it?

If you are looking for an opportunity to maintain low costs for your business, you need to explore the different options available. Take your business to the next level, and switch your energy provider to the one that best suits your needs.

Switching your energy provider offers you more access to different options of management strategy of your business energy cost. It ranges from contract options, set prices, payment terms and et cetera. You will be able to choose the best arrangements for your business to better accommodate your growth and consumption.

We hope you have a better understanding about energy providers now and how to compare their services. We encourage you to try and shop around for the best energy plans to suit your needs.

As for the benefits and advantages of switching your energy provider are as follows;

  • Diverse Options

Switching your business energy provider will offer more choices when it comes to pricing options, contract agreements and customer service plans. Allowing you to choose the best energy contract for your business.

  • Competitive Pricing

Choosing your energy provider via tender will increase the competitiveness of the renewal process. It will push the provider to offer a more honest and transparent package which is based on your best business interest

  • Tailored Contract 

Switching your provider will allow you to explore different plans and offers from the various providers. It will enable more access to various pricing options that benefit your business

  • Flexible Payment Terms

No more will you be limited to such strict and limiting payment terms, by switching your energy provider you will have more access to longer and more flexible payment terms. This will vary based on your providers but it could be up to 30 days

  • Less Risks More Gain

Avoid imminent risk to your energy procurement, take a safer and more secure arrangement for your energy consumption. Choose the energy provider which offers better access to beneficial contract T&Cs such as no CPI and no Min take.

  • Suitable Contract Period

Find the energy provider that can offer you the things you want, and are  able to accommodate your energy needs. Enjoy more access to shorter or longer contract periods for your energy contract arrangement.

Should I Change Energy Provider  Every Year?

While this is not a necessary arrangement, we understand the hassle of going through all the necessary processes. However, we deemed it necessary to keep proper maintenance over your energy costs.

Especially so if your business consumes a large amount of energy, it will be to your benefit to properly have an energy audit done regularly. Based on that, we would advise you to have this done before your energy contract renewal.

This will allow you to draw a comparison between your current energy provider and the other providers. Offering a suitable setting for a contract renewal process through a tender process.

This concludes our tips and recommendations to help you obtain better understanding about the advantages of switching your energy provider, adopt an active energy management approach by doing regular business energy audits  and by participating in energy tender as a means of your energy procurement.

Carbon Energy is a Perth based Energy Broker. We are  here to assist you with your energy tenders. Our energy specialists  are knowledgeable and well experienced in the industry.

Our energy  tender is fast, efficient, risk-free and NO COST to your company. The successful retailer remunerates us should you accept our recommendation.

We will perform the following steps to assist your business:

  1. Analyse your current energy cost and consumption.
  2. Invite the retailers to price your business and analyse each offer.
  3. Run a bill simulation based on your last 12 months data and identify the potential risks involved.
  4. Analyses the terms and condition of the contract (If to be in place).
  5. Summaries, the suppliers, offer in simple and easy to understand language, enabling you to make an informed decision.

We guarantee you it is 100% RISK FREE, if anytime throughout the process you are not confident that we demonstrate professionalism, honesty and transparency. You are free to walk away with no questions asked. That’s our promise to you, no hurt feelings.

Whether you are looking to save on electricity or gas, or commercial solar, we can help you find the best deal for your business needs. Please speak to one of our energy specialists to get a free energy cost audit (valued at $2000) on 08 6460 1613.



We grow our business through word of mouth. We have thousands of happy customers who repeatedly use our service to look after their business energy tenders.

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We always strive to get the best results for our customers. They are the reason why we are one of the most prominent energy brokers in Western Australia.

If at anytime during the process we do not demonstrate professionalism, transparency and honesty you are more than welcome to walk away.

This is our promise to you.


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