How to Reduce Your Business Carbon Footprint

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The Australian Government aims to reduce the carbon emissions level. We must try and minimise the level of carbon emissions as best as we can to help. The easiest way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint is by trying to pay more attention to the way they do and use things around them, both at home and in the workplace.

Global Warming And Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is a term we use to refer to the number of greenhouse gases, also referred to as carbon emissions. It measured the level of harmful gasses, primarily carbon dioxide, that get released into the atmosphere by particular human activities. In general, the bulk of an individual’s carbon footprint will come from transportation, housing, energy consumption and food production processing.

A Carbon footprint can be a broad measure or be applied to the actions of an individual, a family, an event, an organisation, or even an entire nation. It is usually measured as tons of CO2 emitted per year, a number that can be supplemented by tons of CO2-equivalent gases, including methane, nitrous oxide, and other greenhouse gases.

Carbon footprint or the greenhouse effect will lead to a phenomenon called global warming. It refers to the slow increase of the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere because the increased amount of the energy (heat) striking the world from the sun when it is trapped in the atmosphere and not radiated out into space.

The earth’s atmosphere has always acted like a greenhouse to capture the sun’s heat, which enables the world to enjoy the perfect temperatures that have permitted the emergence of life forms as we know them, including humans. Without our atmospheric greenhouse, the earth would be freezing. Global warming, however, is the equivalent of a greenhouse with high-efficiency reflective glass installed the wrong way around. So instead of reflecting the sun’s heat out into outer space, it is reflected earth’s surface and causes the entire atmosphere to get hotter slowly. This phenomenon is the reason for climate change.

Global Warming And Carbon Footprint

Energy Consumption And Carbon Emissions

One of the most significant components of your carbon footprint comes from the emissions of fossil fuel emissions. It produces harmful gasses that accumulate in the atmosphere for an extended period if there is not enough biocapacity dedicated to absorbing these emissions. Meaning that our reliance on fossil fuel to produce energy has become a potential threat to both our planet and our existence.

You, Will, Reduce Carbon Footprint By Being More Energy Efficient

We need to be considerate in the way we use our energy, mainly to prevent overuse of energy which will eventually lead to the increase of carbon emissions. Some actions that you can take to help is by having more awareness in using energy such as electricity and gas.

Be efficient and careful to lessen the number of carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels to produce those energies. Small changes can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Before starting, you can also do an energy audit, or have a professional come to rate and score your home or business energy efficiency.

These are several actions that you can take to ensure that you are using energy effectively:

  • Turn down the heat. Use a programmable or smart thermostat. Keep blinds closed to help keep temperature stable inside.
  • Turn down your water heater — 120 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient.
  • Turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them. Turn off appliances at the power outlet to reduce even more energy. Putting them to sleep is second best.
  • Buy a laptop, not a desktop computer. Laptops take less energy to charge and run. 
  • Replace lights. LED lights may use up to 85 per cent less energy, last up to 25 times longer and are cheaper to run than incandescent lights.
  • Don’t set your fridge and freezer temperatures lower than necessary. 
  • Replace old fridges. They are “energy hogs.” 
  • Seal your home well. Trouble spots can include the attic, windows and doors, where heat and cool can escape.
  • Insulate your home. This helps keep the temperature stable.
  • Install a cool roof. This is made of a reflective material which redirects light away from your house, keeping it cool.
  • Plant shrubs and trees around your home. This is an easy, and pretty, insulation fix, especially for older homes.

Reduce Carbon Footprint By Being More Energy Efficient

Carbon Footprint Can Be Reduced By Switching To Renewable Energy

Since the global warming phenomenon was discovered, there have been many attempts to try to lessen the damage caused by the overuse of fossil fuel. One of those attempts was to try switching to renewable energy, by doing so it hopefully will enable us to lessen the strain caused by burning fossil fuels and reduce the carbon emissions level. One of the viable options is that you can consider buying your energy from suppliers in your city, such as Perth that sells renewable power.

The other is by considering an investment in solar energy by installing renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, and it will reduce your energy usage considerably and still allow you to function as per usual.  Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source. It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water. It also requires very little water for its maintenance.

By relying on the sun’s light and heat, solar energy can be harvested almost anywhere. This is particularly useful for remote regions with no access to any other source of electricity. It will surely be beneficial to the environment and people with less than ideal situations to simply rely on conventional energy sources.

Furthermore, solar energy will enable you to provide the energy you need as energy consumption for commercial users tends to be higher in the 11:00-16:00 time frame too early evening. Naturally, this is the period when the price of the electricity peaks. Solar energy happens to reach its maximum production capacity during those hours.

As we know, the electricity rate produced at that time has a higher value than if it was generated at off-peak hours (after 10 PM). With the additional electricity input of solar energy, prices in those time frames could be driven down to a level close to those of night hours.

Carbon Footprint Can Be Reduced By Switching To Renewable Energy

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