Smart & Efficient Ways to Manage Your Energy Consumption

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The Benefits of Energy Efficient Policy for Your Business

One of the best solutions to reduce your energy bills is getting your business to operate efficiently. Implementing an energy efficiency policy will boost your savings by cutting the primary source of high energy bills; wasteful energy consumption. We refer to the strict handling of energy consumption; turn off what you don’t use and avoid any wasteful energy consumption.

Reduce your business’s bottom line for day-to-day operations and lessen your financial burden due to unmanageable, stifling, and wasteful energy costs. Take proactive and immediate action by practising energy efficiency and minimising and managing your business’s financial risk.

To ensure you have a good start:

  1. Boost your attempt in increasing your energy efficiency by having a thorough energy audit. You can benefit from an energy audit from the energy specialists.
  2. Take the time and effort to identify your business’s potential risks and exposures carefully. The energy audit will help you obtain suitable solutions to each problem your business has.
  3. Eliminate the existing high consumption cost by using the knowledge and expertise of professional energy specialists.

Energy Audit: Risks &  Benefits Analysis

As business owners, you might want to try and have a thorough energy audit for your business energy consumption. The risk analysis will help you identify risks and potential exposures that may cause your business some problems down the track. Practising energy efficiency will help you find some peace of mind over your financial return and cost expenses, minimising your burden and expenses for operations.

Doing energy audits will also be of benefit to encourage energy efficiency habits at work. Ensure your employees are well adjusted and fully aware of the energy efficiency practice. However, a precautionary approach on how to manage your energy consumption is needed. Always be vigilant and be proactive in doing regular bill checking, making sure there are no cracks in your energy management strategy.

Negotiate and assess various offers from WA energy suppliers to find the most cost-effective rates and tailored terms and conditions for your contract. Be mindful that aside from being more energy-efficient, your business will benefit from a thorough energy tender and feasibility study, especially over how your energy consumption is compared to the rates and quotes offered by the various energy suppliers. Also, note that you will be able to find suitable arrangements for your energy procurement process through an energy audit.

Find more information about how to assess your energy consumption, and What makes up your business’s electricity pricing.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Policy for Your Business

Energy Efficiency Audit

Through the results of the energy audit, you will be able to identify the immediate actions to take and the things to consider towards more efficient energy consumption and cost-effectiveness of your business’s energy arrangements. The following steps will help you to understand more about energy efficiency and elaborate in detail the strategy to reduce and prevent any wasteful energy consumption for your business.

1. Risk and Benefit Analysis

The risk and benefit analysis is something that you would want to carry out as thoroughly and detailed as possible, especially if you are dealing with your energy account. It offers a wide range of feasibility studies for your business energy consumption against the suppliers’ rates and terms & conditions.

2. Eliminate Phantom Energy Consumption

Involve your employees to commit to energy efficiency habits. Always follow and be proactive in ensuring any unnecessary energy consumption does not occur. Remember, If not used, turn it off, and If no longer used, plug it off.

3. Energy Awareness and Energy Consciousness

To follow up on your energy efficiency practice, always be mindful of your energy bill. Remember to do a comparative analysis between each bill against your real-time operations. Take into account that a thorough energy audit helps keep any financial burden at bay! Also, be vigilant in negotiating energy pricing; we would suggest trying to have energy tender and seeing the benefits yourself.

4. Alternative Options

As part of your energy efficiency policy, you might want to pay attention to the alternative options. Allow yourself to significantly reduce your energy consumption and make a more cost-friendly operational strategy for your business. For example, look at the natural daylight and air circulation to provide fresh air and sufficient lighting to your business.

Find more information about how to improve your energy consumption efficiency and How to make your business more energy efficient.

Suitable Energy Contract to Boost Energy Efficient

Suitable Energy Contract to Boost Energy Efficient

The various steps and strategies you have implemented will be a considerable loss if your business does not enjoy a suitable energy contract. Ensure your energy consumption cost remains manageable; take the opportunity to have the most reasonable prices and terms & conditions for your business.

But what are the benefits of having such a contract? Will it be genuinely beneficial for your business?

1. Adjustments on Contract Options and Costs

One of the most significant benefits is your business cost adjustment and pricing negotiations. It allows you to obtain a lower rate that will increase your savings. You may achieve this result through detailed costs analysis from the various suppliers’ offers and terms renegotiations.

2. Negotiable & Flexible Contract Features

To secure an excellent operational strategy for your business, it will be within your interest to adapt to any development. Take full benefit of flexible payment terms for better cash flow and fully adjusted terms and conditions for your business energy contract.

Take the first step towards a more cost-effective and energy-efficient business operation. Allow yourself peace of mind by removing all the potential risks and issues associated with your energy procurement process.

Benefits of Energy Tender to Reduce Your Energy Bills

Carbon Energy prides itself on our immense knowledge and years of experience in the energy market. We access the best solutions in the easiest, most secure and most convenient way possible. Engaging us to manage your energy requirements will be the best decision to reduce your power bills. We will save your time and do all the painful work for you. See more of our clients and what they said about us here.

Are you in the process of negotiating an energy contract with various suppliers in Perth, WA?

We encourage you to speak to one of our friendly, non-pushy consultants to understand your options further. We can assist you in navigating and finding the best deal that provides value for money and low risk to your business.

Haven’t you used an energy consultant yet? So why wait any longer?

Please speak to one of our energy specialists to get a free energy cost audit (valued at $2000) on 08 64601613. We will personally assess the requirements of your business in terms of cost, consumption, future growth and find you the most competitive electricity supplier to supply your business here in Perth, Western Australia. Whether you are looking to save on electricity, gas, or commercial solar, we can assist you in finding the best deal for your business needs.

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