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The Ever-increasing Commercial Electricity Rates

As an energy broker, I often find myself being asked by friends and colleagues about the changes and developments in the energy industry.

Let’s set the records straight; I’m an energy broker in Perth. I work with energy suppliers (like Synergy, AGL, etc.) to provide business owners in WA with more competitive energy plans. 

However, I am not affiliated with the suppliers!

I have enough network and buying power to find THE BEST ENERGY OPTIONS AND PLANS.

The energy industry is one of the most regulated industries in Australia. There are too many regulations and rules that market participants must adhere to. Most of the time this caused unnecessary costs to run a business. Therefore, all suppliers will always have provisioning to protect their businesses from these unexpected costs due to changing laws and events outside their control. This is where energy brokers such as myself entered the stage!.

Don’t believe me? Check out the long list of my happy customers.

The Increases WA Experienced: How Do We Fare?

With years under my belt and as an (albeit self-proclaimed) top energy broker in Perth, I too feel the uncertainty in the air! Everyone is anxious about the yearly cost increase.

If you are struggling with the increase in WA energy rates, take a sigh of relief that you are not alone. Hundreds of businesses are trying to find a better alternative for their energy bill costs.

Take a closer look at the risks and issues associated with your business energy procurement, I present to you the result of my years of experience as an energy broker through this article.

 Find out the crucial and immediate actions you may take to prevent the situation from worsening. I hope these insights I offer you, may assist you in ensuring that your business remains safe from any financial ruin.

The Increases WA Experienced

Is Your Business At Risk? – How to Figure it Out!

The quick answer to this is YES!. The regulations keep changing and it affects how the suppliers charge your energy. 

Let’s start with the most obvious one; energy rates. The Increasing costs will become a significant part of the rise of your operational costs.

You may try to look into solar to find some relief, but guess what? The New Upcoming Policies on rooftop solar may limit your options. The WA Government has this new policy coming up. It allows the electricity provider to shut down your solar system to keep the state’s grid from overloading.

On the other side, you need to be fully aware of the Auto-renewal clause on your energy contract and the Out of contract penalty. Both are poorly communicated to you by suppliers for a reason.

Please find out more about the other issues and problems that may plague your energy contract and how to quickly solve them.

The Immediate Solutions You Can Take

Well, what is the solution then? 

Now, the good news is that as an energy broker, I am more than equipped to accommodate your frustrations about energy contracts – prices – costs, and all of that in one go! My solution? Energy Tender!

Let’s start our work in the following order: 

Energy Cost Audit

Start your contract renewal by doing a thorough check and analysis of your business energy consumption. The audit will help in providing the necessary information on your business load profile or the consumption pattern to be used in assessing your annual energy cost.

Energy Tender

Using the data gathered about your load profile, we can request pricing from the energy suppliers. Be advised that you need detailed information to accurately pinpoint your consumption pattern. This will determine how the suppliers will quote you.

Rates Comparison 

The suppliers’ offers will then be compared against one another, you will be able to see what are the costs and fees involved and how your business will be charged.

Contract Options Adjustment

You also will need to break down the energy contract options offered by suppliers, and be very meticulous about the terms and conditions that suit your business. Avoid taking huge risks by not checking out your energy contract options. 

Finalisation and After Care Service

If you are feeling confident about the tender’s results, do not hesitate to finalise the contract. Make sure you do not go beyond the renewal period or let your business be out of contact. You will be able to see how the new energy contract will help reduce your business operation costs.

Do you have any questions about the solutions we offer? Or maybe you are facing another type of problem with your energy consumption?

Tips on How to Be a Cost-Effective Energy Consumer

Tips on How to Be a Cost-Effective Energy Consumer

To those of you who keep reading up to this point, I would like to share some tips to help your business save more money on your energy bills. These tips are my professional courtesy as an energy broker to help you in devising a better strategy.

First of all, consider utilising the service of energy brokers to assist you in doing your procurement. Let these energy specialists do all the work for you, you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits. All at no expense to you or your business.

Second of all, you might be confused with the way suppliers charge you. Always remember that suppliers have different ways of charging your business. Be advised to always read between the lines if dealing with energy.

Third, always remember that your business energy contract will always face some risks. The Energy industry is a heavily regulated sector, expect to see some price increase every financial year.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that doing an energy tender will allow you to reduce costs and expenses down the line. The result of that saving will be a surplus for your business; ready to be channelled into more profitable investments.

Look more closely at our approach in WA Energy Suppliers’ Comparisons, and see if our strategies are aligned.

Long Term Solutions to Increasing Energy Rates

Long Term Solutions to Increasing Energy Rates

The last point I’d like to bring to your attention is renewable energy. Following the trend to switch to solar energy! Let’s face it; many people probably already contacted you and tried their best to convince you to take that giant leap forward. Check out the following:

Self Generating Supply of Energy

You probably already know that your business is commonly charged differently based on the time of the day for your consumption. In technical terms, suppliers offer different rates for the peak period from 8 am to 10 pm than for The off-peak period from 10 pm to 8 am on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and during weekends.

By installing solar, you will be able to save more money by reducing your electricity bill. This also allows you to be more flexible in utilising your own generated electricity.  Even more, is the opportunity to export your excess electricity production back into the grid to be used by others.

Check more about the Western Australia Government’s 

Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS)

Possible Improvements

With a sufficient solar installation in place, your business becomes more versatile in utilising energy. It is now possible for your business to engage in bigger improvement projects. You can start planning on the upgrade of your site.

Even with big and costly machines, your business is nothing to worry about! Let the Sun make your way towards better days ahead.

Want to have a complete understanding of your solar energy potential?

Check out more about my Solar Project Management service.

Is handling energy matters taking your focus from properly running your business? Have you used energy broker consultancy service yet?

Take off the hassle of engaging with energy providers and focus on your business, allowing your trusted energy broker to handle all the complications of your business energy consumption.

Whether you are looking to procure electricity, gas, or commercial solar, Carbon Energy is a One-Stop Specialist who can assist you in finding the best deal for your business needs.

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